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Version 1.2.1 - The only reorderable CSS filter generator!
Demo Image for displaying CSS filters and mix-blend-modes
Browser Prefixes

<div class="myfilter"><img scr="my/path/to/image.jpg"></div>



Note: It appears you are using Safari. Safari currently does not support hue, saturation, color and luminosity.
Use FireFox, Chrome or Opera to preview these effects. If you do use these modes, be sure to create Safari fallbacks.
Note:It appears you are using Edge. Edge does not support mix-blend-mode yet. Microsoft currently lists mix-blend-mode low priorty

CSS filters are graphical effects akin to filters found in many popular photography apps, leveraging in-browser post-processing of images. Create Instagram like filters with non-destructive edits and/or animated effects and copy and paste the CSS code to use on your own website! lets create, save and share effects, so designers can share their favorite effects with other designers or developers.


Click and drag the order of the filters to change the filter order. Click the label to enable/disable each filter. Rollover/hover to see the image without filters.

Create a sharable URL of your custom filter using Create URL or Save your filter, clicking the save button.

Keyboard short cuts (Use Alt key on a Windows keyboard):

  • Option + C - toggle CSS code overlay
  • Option + X - toggle presets/change image
  • Esc - Close change image overlay

Q: When I share my filter URL, why does it revert to the demo image?:

While already technically feasible, this isn't a planned featured (for now) to ensure some level of user-experience.

Q: Can I use Filters on Gifs, SVGs, Videos, etc.?:


Q: Does this degrade gracefully:

Yes. I recommend using for IE modernizr to detect if filters are supported. Using :after overlays can simulate brightness/darkness by using a simple overlay with a transparent background. Check out the codepen below for an example of Modernizr + filters. This can be chained with SVG Filters for IE10/IE11 support as well. See the advanced tab above for an example.

Q: I hit save but I can't access my saved filter from another browser or computer. What happened?

Since this site doesn't use any sort of tracking or user accounts, it uses what's known as "LocalStorage", a feature of modern web browsers, which is only accessable by that particular web browser. It's insanely efficient (saving a filter is less than 1k) but also can't be shared. This is a good thing as it ensures privacy. Right now you can only save 1 filter, although you can save filters by using the "Create URL" feature.


This site originally started as a codepen I created to share with a UX Designer I was working with. Realizing how useful a utility like this is, even to me as a developer, I ended up creating a fully fledged interface which became this website There are a few others sites like this out there, but none offer the ability to reorder the filters or have as robust gradient creators within the same single page app, or ability to share filters via custom URLs. There's still features I'd like to implement. Generally, this site receives a few sporadic updates a year as I find time to revisit it. The most recent update was an overhaul under the hood.

This website doesn't contain any advertisements and uses only Google analytics for barebones tracking. It's entirely free to use, and any CSS filter code it generates for you can be used in any projects without attribution. If you like this website, share it with friends, or drop me a line [email protected]. Also, check out my project, Sketch/Photoshop Favicon Creator for the obsessive or visit my obstensibly web dev related blog.

What's to come?

This project is active development, and plenty-o-features are on the way. In no particular order, planned features:

Partial Support Browser warnings. More documentation / examples. Spiffier UI. Upload your own image/use web cam.

Recent Changes

Version 1.2.1 - (Febuary 2019)

  • Preset overlay bugfix after ES6 conversion
  • Correct hotkeys
  • Errant typo fix
  • Additional photos to demo images (Beta)

Version 1.2 - (Febuary 2019)

  • Safari bugfix for bad syntax preventing it to work properly
  • Reset filter bug fix
  • Non ES6 warnings

Version 1.1 - (August 2018)

  • Better code generation: overlays are now no longer filtered.
  • Presets reorder filter positions (finally!). The whole code rewrite was to make this sane.
  • Bug fixes for data storage
  • Bug fixes for presets
  • Saved Filters correctly remember positions
  • Keyboard short cuts!
  • Custom Filters made from CSSFilterGenerator (demoing more extreme uses)
  • Full Screen takeover now closable by clicking the background
  • FireFox Bug Fix for image swap

Version 1.0 - Almost complete re-write of the underlying code to be smarter. (July 2018)

  • New presets and image swap overlay (No more scrolling and tabs annoying scrolling to get to the presets and overlays)
  • Now list orders are predictably saved and reordering of filters should be easier.
  • Reset now resets list orders.
  • DOM changes are less frequent thus better performance (although unlikely to be noticed other than benchmarks).
  • URLs are only generated upon request.

Version 0.9 - (January 2018)

Better responsive behavior. Swapped jQuery UI for Sortable (Better touch support) with easier dragging, and saved/shared URLs keep the order of the filters.

Advanced examples

Old browser/Internet Explorer fallbacks

See the Pen Simple CSS filter fallback by Greg Gant (@fuzzywalrus) on CodePen.

CSS Filters animation

See the Pen Animating CSS filters by Greg Gant (@fuzzywalrus) on CodePen.

No support Partial Support Supported

What Browsers Support CSS Filters?

Rollover partial support browsers for more details. See for a full list.





Firefox (Android)


iOS Safari

Android (Browser)

Chrome Android

What browsers support mix-blend-mode?

See for a full list.


Share URL

The following URL will allow you to share your current filter with others. Copy the entire URL and send it via email, social media, slack or other service.


Preview Image

Or use one of the following image (click to swap).

Wild Flowers, The Dalles, Oregon The Dalles
Painted Cove, Painted Hills, Oregon The Painted Hills
Illumination Saddle, Mt Hood, Oregon Mt. Hood
Columbia Gorge, Oregon Columbia Gorge
False Summit, South Sister, Oregon South Sister
Mount McLoughlin (from Saddle Rock), Oregon Mount McLoughlin
Jokulsarlon, Iceland Jökulsárlón
, Iceland Hallgrímskirkja
Reykjavík, Icleand Reykjavík
Reykjavík, Icleand Reykjavík

CSSFilterGenerator EXTREME presets

Mars Sky
Michael Bay Sunset

CSSGram Presets

courtesy of CSSGram
preset 1977
preset aden
preset dalles
preset clarendon
preset earlybird
preset gingham
preset hudson
preset inkwell
preset lark
preset lofi
preset mayfair
preset moon
preset nashville
preset reyes
preset rise
preset slumber
preset toaster
preset walden
preset willow
preset xpro2